02 февруари, 2012

Кой е водеща фигура в колаборацията?

Хората, тяхното мислене и начин на работа "правят" работата в екип (колаборацията).
Попаднах на интересна статия на тема: "People Make the Collaboration, Not the Tools - But Tools Have a Friction Profile", която си заслужава четенето от всеки, който иска да работи продуктивно. Бих искала да споделя един абзац от нея:
" A second example is when a team is using email to collaborate on documents, such as proposals or contracts. When email messages are flying left, right, and center, the friction profile includes having to keep a personal watch over everything that comes in, the never-ending lingering worry that you’ve missed out on part of the conversation, the inability to know if you actually have the latest edition of a document or not, and the need to keep sending around updated versions of the document to everyone involved. For such a team, there are alternative ways of collaborating on documents, that don’t involve email. It could be a Google Doc or something similar that enables online editing. The document could be stored in a SharePoint document library, supporting check-in and check-out. Depending on the approach selected, the friction profile will differ. With Google Docs, you have to use a web browser for writing (which is quite different for people), and offline editing is not supported. With a SharePoint document library, the friction profile includes aspects such as the separation of the conversation about the status of the document from the document itself (making it more difficult to correlate current action with the document), and depending on how it has been set up, the need to access a different document library for different documents (which adds to the confusion)."

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