24 март, 2011

20 причини - Защо да НЕ използваме Social Collaboration в компанията

Попаднах на една интересна статия - една друга гледна точка - Защо да НЕ използваме social collaboration в организацията?

Ето ги и причините :):

1. You are a traditionalist and value the “good old days” *
2. You don’t want to be found *
3. You don’t want to be heard *
4. You are afraid of people voicing ideas (congruent and contrary to corporate *insert dept*)
5. You enjoy a silo-driven company
6. You don’t have a process for bringing ideas to fruition
7. You think people will waste time online collaborating and not working
8. You don’t want your competition to hack in to see what you are doing
9. This is only a trend and will pass and will wait for the next thing
10. What next, the cloud?
11. My security manager said we can’t do it
12. Because its what the business wants
13. It will eliminate our intranet – and I like our intranet
14. Employees will be able to solve their own problems
15. They will share inappropriate files, pictures and comments
16. There are too many choices – I will wait for the cream to rise
17. We can’t afford the software
18. We are a highly regulated or unionized company
19. We won’t have to have meeting anymore
20. Employees can access it via a mobile phone and we can’t have that!

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