25 януари, 2011

Имейл - Знание - Съвместна работа

Have you ever thought about the amount of information which is spread across your organisation, but locked into someone’s email in-box?

Още една статия на тема Имейл, социален софтеур за бизнеса, знание, експертиза.

  • С какво ни спира имейла? - "By sending an email to a number of people asking for their input, not only is it hard for me to be able to track the responses, but it is almost impossible for the other recipients."....
  • И какво ни дава социалния софтеур за бизнеса? - "However, if I do it though a discussion forum, everyone is able to easily follow all of the responses, not only that, but they are able to comment on other responses. This is an easy way to collaborate with a busy team."

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