20 януари, 2011

Enterprise 2.0 : Leveraging collaboration platforms to foster knowledge, innovation and productivity

Ето една подробна презентация за това как Enterprise 2.0/ Social Software for business и т.н помага в управлението на знанието, открива добрите идеи и довежда до по-продуктивна съвместна работа.

Ето извадка от най-интересното:


  • Knowledge worker is one who works primarily with information and one who develops and uses knowledge in the workplace. Butler Group

  • Knowledge workers spend up to 30% of their working day looking for data.
  • Only 44% of corporate users can find the internal file they are looking for compared to 86% of similar internet users. Forrester
  • Мanagers spend 2h/day searching for information. 50% of found info is of no value.

  • Innovation translates knowledge into economic growth and social well-being

  • Based on proximity, people are not likely to collaborate very often if they are more than 50 feet apart.
  • 25-50% of workforce is engaged into knowlеdge-based collaboration consisting of "tacit"

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