21 януари, 2011

Is Your Enterprise Socially-Networked Or Just Your Employees?

Статията на Rawn Shah в Forbes разяснява разликата между това: компанията да е socially networked и работата на служителите от early adopter group.
Няма да описвам разликите, ще споделя таблицата от самата статия... - Резултатът - служителите в socially networked компанията изпъляват задълженията си много по-лесно и бързо. Но, разбира се, не трябва да забравяме, че все от някъде трябва да се започне, а това е... early adopter екипа в компанията. Неговата роля е от особено значение.

Table 1: Some differences between Early Adopter groups and a Socially Networked Enterprise

Early adopter group A Socially Networked Enterprise
- Venues for social interaction Few, or concentrated within a few areas Possibly many distributed venues for different reasons
- Activity A lot of activity and content within a few places the average person interacts more frequently overall, but it is distributed across more places
- Excitement level High excitement, but localized within some venues Varies and can seem low, or loosely distributed
- Why It’s the new thing! It’s what I do to get my work done
- Innovation level Using this environment displays me as an innovator Using the social enterprise platform in itself doesn’t make me innovative, but it is what I can produce with others over it.
- How far do I need to be from the ‘real action’? One or two degrees away from the specific people involved Doesn’t matter.
- Types of relationships Emphasis on Bonding: “One of Us” Emphasis on Bridging: “Across the org”
- Delivers value when… You know the people involved You can ask just about anyone
- Overhead of relationships Need to get to know a number of people well: high overhead on maintaining relationships on a regular (daily, weekly, or monthly) basis Need to know lots of people but don’t need to maintain relationships that regularly with many
- Consensus forming Easy for common interests; possibly falls into groupthink May be hard to do, even with sufficient consensus and communication tools

Статията продължава с въпроса: Дали нашата компания е минала етапа на early adopters.... - тук в помощ идва internal social анализа - колко често хората взаимодействат помежду си, как работят в екип и пр....

В началото на статията авторът дава два примера/разликите/ за служители, които работят с/без помощта на social software.

Is Your Enterprise Socially-Networked Or Just Your Employees?
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