29 септември, 2010

E-mail marketing | Quirk e-Marketing

Тъй като се записах за изпита на Quirk e-marketing, преговаряйки, ще споделям какво е важно за мен глава по глава.

E-mail Marketing.

В практиката си не съм правила имейл кампании. Не съм позитивно настроена към тях, въпрреки че, четейки тази глава оставам с убеждение, че ако е направена както трябва кампанията, би имала успех.

Ето извадката:

Hard bounce - The failed delivery of email communication due to an undeviating reason like a nonexistent address.
Soft bounce - The failed delivery of an email due to a deviating reason like an overloaded mail box or a server failure.
House list - An email database that a company generates itself without purchasing or renting names.
Opt-in - Give permission for emails to be sent to you.
Opt-out - Also known as unsubscribe - The act of removing oneself from a list or lists so that specified information is no longer received via email.

Двата вида търговки имейла биват:
Promotional emails: these are more direct and are geared at enticing the user to take an immediate action.
Retention based emails: also referred to as newsletters, these may include promotional messages but should be focused on providing information of value to the user, geared at building a long term relationship with the user.

"Promotional emails" обикновено предизвикват мигновена реакция:
- Users make a purchase
- Users download a whitepaper
- Users request further information

"Newsletters" се използват за постигането на дългосрочни цели, където key performance indicators са:
- Open rate
- Click-through rate
- Number of emails forwarded

Събирането на т.нар. white листа, най-често става с помощта на sign-up форми. Важно за тях е:
- Put the sign-up form where it can be seen – above the fold and on every page.
- State your anti-spam stance explicitly, and be clear about how you value subscribers’ privacy.
- Use a clear call to action.
- Tell subscribers what they will get, and how often they will get it. Include a benefit statement.
- Ensure the email address is correct by checking the syntax.
- Test to see what works best!
- Every interaction can be used to ask permission to send emails.
- Offer something valuable for free, and ask if they would sign up to your newsletter at the same time (e.g. white paper, gift voucher, music track).
- Add a subscribe box to the checkout process of your retail site.
- Use interactions at trade shows to ask for email addresses.

Важно: Avoid being marked as spam by staying away from words like “free”, “buy now” and “discount”.

Полезни инструменти:
- Emails can be tested for platform compatibility at www.sitevista.com/email.asp.
- An email’s spam score can be checked at spamassassin.apache.org.

Имейл кампанията трябва да е съгласувана с останалите елементи от кампанията: There should never be a disparity between the content, tone or design of an email when compared to the rest of a company’s offerings. In-store promotions can be reinforced and promoted to an email database, or web site information can be summarized for email.
Custom landing pages, as required, should be created for any promotions being communicated in an email communication.

Как д постигнем висока имейл репутация:
- ISPs offer various sender’s authentication standards such as Sender ID, SPF, and DomainKeys. Use these.
- Out with the old, in with the new – keep your database clean.
- Remove hard bounces after 3 deliveries (ISPs don’t like e-mail broadcasters who have a high bounce rate).
- Remember that a huge but inaccurate and outdated database is far less use to an email marketer than a tightly-maintained, smaller database. Strive to boost your database, but don’t forget to clean behind you as you go.
- Ensure email broadcast rates are not too high.
- Respond to complaints and unsubscribe requests – if someone requests to be unsubscribed, do so.
- Educate users about white lists.

E-marketing Pros:
- Permission based email marketing can give the highest return on investment of any marketing activities. Technology allows mass customization, allowing personalization across a large list of subscribers.
- When used to foster relationships with a customer base, email marketing can go a long way to increasing the lifetime value of that customer.
- Email marketing is highly measurable, and databases are highly segmentable

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