11 декември, 2010

Вътрешни комуникации

Попаднах на интересна статия, която продължава темата от последния ми пост за социалния софтуер за бизнеса и ползите му за маркетинг и ПР отдела.

"...connected to those with the greatest influence and to those who comment about the bits of the business for which you have responsibility. Internal comms managers need to be the super-networkers inside an organisation … the alternative is to become out-of-touch and irrelevant.

Social content is a rich seam of intelligence for the internal comms professional … for example: it offers real-time feedback (no need for any more employee surveys!); provides the seeds for future campaigns and messaging; allows you to see the REAL impact of what you communicate; and makes you accountable for what you communicate … in real time. Why wouldn’t you want to have access to all this …?"

Inside out

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